My new site launched so why not a new blog!

Thanks for your patience while I get the swing of things. I want to post with meaning this time around. I’ve been thinking of documenting my journey as a photographer into the world of hair and makeup. Styling for my own photoshoots has probably been the best thing I ever could have done for myself AND my clients. Wish I had done it sooner.

The seed was planted when I met a local SF fashion photographer, Billy Winters, who also shot weddings. As it turned out, he was a stylist first, before he began to combine his skills as a stylist with photography. I always admired the model test shoots he did and was secretly wishing I could do that. Fast forward 15 years later! I enrolled in Cosmetology at The Cinta Aveda Institute and received my Cosmetology License December 2015.

I will never take for granted the amount of work that stylists do ever again!

And yes, I am still, first and foremost a photographer! Let the styling begin!


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