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Petite, Toned and Beautiful: Meet Berniedette

This beauty right here is Berniedette, creator of the blog Petite And Toned! Berniedette is, as her blog’s name states, toned from her love of fitness and quite petite...did I mention fabulous?!

Although Berniedette and I focused on fitness for her shoot, that is not her career and not her only passion (far from her career and only passion in fact!). She is a CPA (not tax) by trade, although she very honestly tells her followers that she probably did make the wrong career choice, but it pays the bills! I can completely relate to this, since as many of you might know, I was not always a photographer with my own business, I worked in advertising for a few years as an art director, but back to Berniedette!

A little background on Berniedette: She was born in the Philippines and raised in San Francisco. She says her Filipina-American background shaped her into the person she is today. Berniedette is a creative soul. She loves fashion, home decorating, fitness, planning, organizing, and more! This is why opposed to just going down the fitness or fashion route, she decided to go for the overall lifestyle theme.

From her perfectly curated Instagram feed to her beautiful blog, you can see these areas are where Berniedette’s passion truly lies! Her goal from her platforms, is to give her followers and reader’s little nuggets of her expertise and share her fun finds along the way. As a woman in her 30’s, she always wished in her twenties she had someone to give her advice. She hopes to reach those young individuals through sharing her experiences.

When planning out this shoot, we decided together that we wanted to shoot in a space that matched Berniedette’s spirit. Somewhere in San Francisco that was simply beautiful, clean, and calming. We decided on MNT Studio, which was a gorgeous choice to get all the fitness shots we desired. MNT studio focuses on pilates and barre so we had plenty of different equipment to shoot with in addition to their gorgeous décor!

After shooting at MNT Studio, we headed over to my personal studio to take some more fashion shots and headshots for Berniedette. As I mentioned in my previous blog post with Paul Wright, I always find it very important to get some headshots in for my fitness clients. They come in handy for all careers!

When it comes to planning a fitness shoot like Berniedette’s we wanted to make sure each decision, from her make up to the location to the attire, encompassed the individual she is and brand she is building! This is a standard that I apply to all my shoots in order to get the best possible shots for my clients.

If you are looking for more information on Berniedette please head to her blog and Instagram, Petite And Toned!

Interested in learning more about our branding shoots, we offer a complimentary consultation.

Feel free to reach out to Elisa at 415-775-8944.

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