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An Instagram Case Study: How to use Personal Branding Photography in an Instagram Post

My fourth branding and content shoot with Arjun Dhingra, Mortgage Banker and power Instagram user. I swear he missed his calling in advertising. The captions combined with my spectacular images (if I do say so myself), strategic hashtags, mentions, links. Just all add up to one interesting Instagram feed.

I'll post the images and then screen shots from his Instagram posts below. But in case you want to read all the captions in their entirety, with mentions, hashtags and see his strategy, here is the link: @ArjunMortgage. They are very informative. Best I've seen on Instagram by a Mortgage Banker. And to all of you who say to me, "What about compliance?" Well, ask Arjun. Obviously he is doing something right!

Like what you see? Interested in booking a complimentary brainstorming session. Contact Elisa 415-775-8944 or Looking forward to hearing from you.

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