Putting A Face To The BloomKing Agency

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Meet Abigail BloomKing. Abigail is a businesswoman who is making serious moves. This total #GirlBoss opened her own marketing company called The BloomKing Agency this past April. Since opening The BloomKing Agency, Abigail has been able to work with some amazing clients and bring to the table marketing services that not everyone is even aware is available.

To break it down simply, The BloomKing Agency is changing the way that people think about marketing and interactive advertising. Abigail’s agency is creating marketing content for clients and making sure that the right eyes find their way to this content.

The best part for the companies working with Abigail’s agency? You pay on a “Cost Per Read” basis. What this means is as a company you are only paying for the REAL RESULTS that The BloomKing Agency is creating. And what that means is you are paying for guaranteed leads and new clients/sales. **Cue the music playing in all companies’ ears that have been promised results time and time again yet see none in sight.**

Abigail and her partners had one large goal while starting the BloomKing Agency: TRANSPARENCY. Their main goal is to create a more transparent experience for their current and future clients, which is something you would not hear most marketing companies say. While brainstorming for her branding photoshoot, Abigail stated that she wanted her clients “to have access and be able to put a face to the name”.

After meeting at a networking event, and hearing rave reviews of Elisa, Abigail decided it was time to schedule a Personal Branding Photoshoot for herself and her partners. Elisa was able to leave the trio with a complete Personal Brand Visual Library for all their company’s needs.

When planning a photoshoot like this, it is vital for the photographer to make sure that all the images being taken are cohesive and consistent to the brand. The pictures all must be taken in the same style so that when used they are visually appealing for the consumer.

Abigail and her partners went into the photoshoot with little expectations and left gushing over their experience with Elisa! Elisa helped guide them individually and together to make sure that the correct images were captured for their company.

Abigail stated while speaking of her experience with Elisa, “It was a wonderful time! Elisa gave plenty of direction on how to pose. She was highly involved and made great suggestions.”

Elisa consulted with Abigail over makeup and wardrobe as well as backdrops to make sure to keep consistency in the visual brand. This concept is also important to note! During a branding photoshoot, items like location, backdrop, wardrobe, etc. can change, but it is the photographer’s role to keep the shoot in the correct direction. From color schemes that match their company’s rebranding, to bright pink that aligned with Abigail’s bubbly personality, Elisa streamlined the photoshoot to make sure that all their branding needs were met.

“Elisa is naturally talented and has an engaging personality!”

Abigail spoke to Elisa about her intention of use for the photos telling her that they would be used for professional needs, their new website, and more. So far Abigail has been utilizing the images on her social media. Can’t wait to see the future of success for The BloomKing Agency with their new branding images! Book your complimentary consultation with Elisa by visiting our contact page and reserving a 15 minute phone consultation.

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