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About Elisa

Elisa Cicinelli is the face of her brand. She specializes in a wide range of professional photography from portrait, to fashion, beauty, boudoir, fitness, family and entertainment.


Elisa's career as a professional photographer began 30 years ago, with added decades of study and mastery to support. Some highlights from her knowledgeable background include working closely with Platon in New York City and Frank Ockenfel in Los Angeles.


Additionally, Elisa has put in hours of study and extensive training, having completed a BFA, Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design and an MFA, Master of Fine Art in Photography.


For me, this business goes far beyond a simple point and shoot method. I thoroughly enjoy sitting down with each and every one of my clients to get to know them on a much deeper level than most other photographers or businesses would.


We work collaboratively to design your dream photoshoot so that it suits you and all of your needs perfectly. From a sultry boudoir session to a classy and simple headshot for actors, every shoot is of equal importance to me.


I devote as much time as needed to your session to ensure we capture the moment exactly as envisioned. I encourage you to bring several outfit changes, thoroughly take-in the experience and be sure to book a night out afterwards - because trust me, you will look and feel fabulous!


It is my artistic goal to bring out the most inner beauty in you so that you change the way you see yourself. I encourage everyone to experience the unique packages we offer so that you save and cherish this time in your life for many, many years to come.

Elisa Cicinelli's homebase is located in San Francisco, California but she is also able to service clients in Los Angeles, Napa Valley, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Palo Alto, East Bay, Silicon Valley, Peninsula & the Greater Bay Area depending on scheduling availability.


To learn more about Elisa's services and packages, please book your complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with Elisa through the button provided below.

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