Now is your chance to take part in our Personal Branding Campaign. I know my headshot and branding clients ask me ALL THE TIME if I shoot outside or Lifestyle. Of course I do. I just love studio portraiture which is why I usually talk you into a hybrid shoot. (I'm sneaky like that!) 

Now's your chance to be photographed on the streets of San Francisco or the suburbs of the Bay Area. Let loose and jump, shout, kick up a storm. We have the branding package for you.


We can photograph you outside, on location to create an urban look whether you're a realtor, mortgage banker or attorney OR shoot at the park for a more natural, healing vibe to your brand for coaches, therapists and health care workers. 

Ask your clients or colleagues to be in a couple of photos with you to create that lifestyle look instead of stock photography. Create your own library of images to use over and over again in your various social media feeds or on your website.   


Want to learn more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.


  • Pre-shoot consultation with me to discuss how you want to be photographed, what locations, props, wardrobe, etc.

  • Fully guided professional photo shoot where I will pose you down to your expression and fingertips. We will shoot in the studio or on location so you can experience a full branding photoshoot

  • At your reveal and ordering session, you will see a collection of your images culled to perfection with blinks and blurred images removed so you see only the best AND have the opportunity to purchase a portfolio of images to use on your website, social media and billboards for that extra marketing blitz. 

Kind of. Think of Personal Branding as an extension of your headshot. It is a portfolio of images customized to say who YOU are. Not just a cookie cutter photo on a white background cropped like your DMV photo.


Well, in case you haven't noticed there are quite a few platforms which cross reference each other and there's no getting around it! If an employer is looking at your LinkedIn Profile, I guarantee they are looking at:

  1. Your social media accounts: Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter

  2. Your website, blog, about me page, contact page

  3. And you may even be requested to submit a photo for a conference or speaking engagement

Personal branding involves one or several photos that are more than just head and shoulders. These photos let your personality shine through, give people a glimpse of who you are AND give you the chance to stand out in a sea of corporate headshots, so your clients take notice. 


Who are these shoots for? Realtors, mortgage brokers, attorneys, corporate business professionals, biotech scientists, tech developers, startups and entrepreneurs, life coaches, massage therapists, even actors and online dating clients.

How It Works
1. On the day of your consultation we will discuss exactly how the package works and you can ask any unanswered questions you might have. In addition, I want to  learn more about you, your personal style and your upcoming career goals for your personal brand/business.


2. Together we will pull from Pinterest and other websites for inspiration. And if you wish we will decide on locations to use as backdrops in San Francisco. 


3. On the day of your shoot, I will do everything in my power to make you feel as comfortable, calm and beautiful as possible while directing you into the most flattering of poses. 


4. After your photoshoot, you'll be invited back to the studio to look over all the breathtaking images. During this time, you'll select your favorites of the bunch. You'll also receive an extensive dropbox folder of the images and a portfolio to take your career to the next level.


5. Once you've selected all your favorite photos, that's a wrap! You will receive everything from the shoot via DropBox. We are also happy to help you size your images for your personal social media platforms, website, or even a high-profile magazine that might feature your company!