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A few quick questions to ask yourself, for both men and women.

  1. Are you staying visually relevant?

  2. Does your visual content match your spoken and written word?

  3. Are you representing yourself in the same visual manner as you are in your resume, your profile, your about me page?

Let's face it. In the age of social media and new website technology when we are reduced to a swipe, your photography better be eye catching!

Well, in case you haven't noticed there are quite a few platforms which cross reference each other and there's no getting around it! If an employer is looking at your LinkedIn Profile, I guarantee they are looking at:

  1. Your social media accounts: Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter

  2. Your website, blog, about me page, contact page

  3. And you may even be requested to submit a photo for a conference or speaking engagement

Kind of. Think of Personal Branding as an extension of your headshot. It is a portfolio of images customized to say who YOU are. Not just a cookie cutter photo on a white background cropped like your DMV photo.


Who are these shoots for? Actors love these sessions, so do my online dating clients as well as realtors, mortgage brokers, attorneys, corporate business professionals, biotech scientists, tech developers, startups and entrepreneurs.

online dating photography

That's why you need to consider a personal branding session beyond a headshot. With a personal branding session you are able to cover all the different aspects of yourself and have plenty of content to fill the internet (for say the next 6 months!)

A few looks which I coach my clients on before their photoshoot and before they go shopping:

  1. Corporate - this is a given. Choose to shoot with a tie and without a tie so you have options when updating your profiles.

  2. Corporate Casual - maybe a jacket instead of a suit.

  3. Do yo have other hobbies or interests? For example: are you a personal trainer on the weekends.

  4. Online Dating - are you new to the dating scene and still using a photo with your mom?! Maybe a look with leather coat and jeans.

  5. Conference or Book Jacket -  different from a corporate suit and tie. Maybe more relaxed.

  6. Startup - you're launching a new startup and need photos on location for your about page.

  7. Headshots for Actors - you audition for different roles, just like no two resumes or cover letters you submit for a job application are alike, so too, why not have the flexibility of submitting different looks for different auditions.

If you have any questions or would like a free one hour consultation I can be reached at 415-775-8944.

Wondering how you should look, what to expect from your shoot, or how you can plan? You’re not alone! I’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions about personal branding photo shoots and some helpful answers to ensure you’re prepared. 

Q. How Should I…Or My Brand Look?

A. Even if you don’t know how you should look or how your brand should look, remember that is my specialty. It’s often hard to visualize or describe how you want your photos to look, which is why I’ll work with you to clarify your personal branding visual message, style, and look. I love brainstorming with my clients and creating vision boards. We’ll do this together!


Q. Can We Do Multiple Looks in One Personal Branding Photo Shoot?

A.  Definitely! We’ll get your shoot planned out before we do it, and I’m happy to do multiple looks in a single shoot. We’ll plan outfit changes and one of our packages even includes "The Clothing Coach". Our very own stylist, Magdy Kotb, can create a custom suit or jacket for you, assist in a closet edit and even be on hand to style you during your shoot.

Q. How Long Will the Personal Branding Shoot Last?

A. Most shoots last between three and four hours. Your session includes not only the photo shoot in the studio but happy to go on location as well, so plan to spend around four hours of your day on the shoot. 

Q. Do you Have a Studio or Can My Shoot Be Done at a Specific Location?

A. While I do have a studio, and that’s where most people do their personal branding shoot, I’m also happy to shoot on location. The main goal of your shoot is to make it totally you, and if a specific location helps do that, I’m game. Just keep in mind, some locations may result in a travel fee. Get in touch, and we’ll talk about it. 

Q. What If I Only Need a Couple of Photos?

I’m happy to do a single photo or only a couple of photos if that’s what you need. However, during your pre-shoot consultation, you may realize that you want more than just one or two photos to achieve your professional goals. You can determine the photos you want to choose after you see them, so what you decide to buy is entirely up to you. 

Q. What Should I Do to Plan for My Personal Branding Photo Shoot?

A. One of the best things you can do is to spend some time thinking about how the future, successful you wants to be seen by the world. Determining this can take some thought! Answer this question, and we can plan your shoot around your vision. And don’t forget, I’m here to help you figure out your vision, too, which is what we’ll do at your initial consultation. 

Q. Do You Offer Personal Branding Photography Shoots for Companies or Teams?

A.  I sure do! Depending on your needs, I’ll work with you to custom design a package that works best for you. Simply contact me and I’d be happy to discuss the details and put together a custom package for your office.

1. On the day of your consultation we will discuss exactly how the package works and you can ask any unanswered questions you might have. In addition, you will view Elisa's past work while we learn more about you, your personal style and your upcoming career goals for your personal brand/business.


2. We will work closely to choose the most flattering options for your hair and makeup styles as well as your wardrobe selection. We also may pull from Pinterest and other websites for inspiration.


3. On the day of your shoot, Elisa will do everything in her power to make you feel as comfortable, calm and beautiful as possible while directing you into the most flattering of poses. Your hair and makeup will be styled to perfection - so much so that you might want to book a night on the town afterwards!


4. After your photoshoot, you'll be invited back to the studio to look over all the breathtaking images. During this time, you'll select your favorites of the bunch. You'll also receive an extensive dropbox folder of the images and a portfolio to take your career to the next level.


5. Once you've selected all your favorite photos, that's a wrap! You will receive everything from the shoot via DropBox. We are also happy to help you size your images for your personal social media platforms, website, or even a high profile magazine that might feature your company! 

Learn even more about me and my experience by checking out my bio.

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