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Inside the Actor’s Studio - Part I Sales Intensive

As many of you may or may not know, Sue Bryce has been my portrait photography mentor these past 4 years. Staying connected to such an inspirational woman has really helped my business grow creatively and taught me to stay on my path. Being part of her MasterMind Group over this last year has just been an amazing experience I wanted to share with everyone.

This year online at she taught a Sales and Marketing Intensive which was broadcast live on her channel. Here is a behind the scenes glimpse inside her studio.

Refurbished frames painted white to create this wall of white on white. Frames were collected over the years from second hand furniture shops, vintage boutiques or online. I have several myself. This wall is meant to use as a guide or marketing tool to sell to clients

These outfits were created from silk flowers, tulle, wigs, white paint. DIY is where it’s at. On my list. Let’s design a shoot together. Anyone interested?

Overview of the set before we go live!

Sue in her element.

The lovely Liz hanging out. Another group member.

Handmade folio boxes to hold and present the fine art prints! I offer these on my product menu too. Sue is my mentor after all. I think I’d be kicked out if I didn’t hear her after all these years.

Sue and I. My posing not too bad. Shoulders back. Chin out. (Hmm. Think my mom said that to me as a teenager. Thanks mom.)

Makeup table.

Ah the reveal wall.