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BHTS of the Welker Family Portrait

On the hottest day of the year in San Francisco, the Welker Family came for a visit to my studio. Here are the behind the scenes of our day, taken by Gisela as I posed her boys in front of the camera. They were so patient despite the heat and my modest fan to cool us off. (The secret, I was told, was they were promised unlimited electronic access, but then I'm sure you all know that bribe already). Below are a few stills, video and a few of the final images for their 20 image folio box.

Changing lenses while Flori watches. Yellow dresser with hair and makeup pushed away from the window to make room while we shoot.

I like how skinny this dress makes me look. Gotta look good behind the camera.

Yes I wear my glasses so I can see the images on screen. Still haven't broken myself of this habit!

Directing Flori

It was so hot that day!

My bhts camera person! And mom of Flori and Josef

Unlimited computer time in my kitchen while mom gets her makeup done!

Directing Josef

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