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Motherhood Sessions

Recently I had an amazing opportunity to attend a workshop with Vicky Papas of Vicky not only is a photographer but also a hair stylist, makeup artist and an amazing dress designer. We watched Vicky style in front of our eyes as we waited anxiously with cameras in hand to capture the stunning beauty that was before us.

I've been shooting weddings for 17 years so the transition to couture motherhood portraits is something I've been dreaming about for a long time. To have this opportunity to jumpstart my portfolio and watch Vicky's creative process was so much fun.

Recently I bought yards and yards of silk and muslin to start my own creations. Along with RIT dye and tea staining, a little hand stitching, glue gun, gold spray paint, a mannequin and we're all set! Well if it were only that easy.

Below are a few images I took at the workshop and a few behind the scenes for you to enjoy. Special thanks to Tiffany Clay for her fabulous hair and makeup on set and to Bambi Cantrell for the use of her studio.

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