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Paul Wright - Fitness Trainer Branding Shoot

Meet Paul Wright. Paul is one of the most sought after fitness trainers in San Francisco from his intense classes at Barry Bootcamp to his personal training at DIAKADI gym. Paul and I were able to set up a shoot this past month, and from the pictures alone, you can see he is a fitness instructor and trainer like no other.

A little background on Paul: His passion for fitness started around the age of 5 years old where he began to participate in sports such as swimming, soccer, karate, basketball, baseball, and more! If it meant Paul was moving, he was trying it out. He continued his love of competitive sports through high school, college and post college. He played Division I and II college football and spent a little over a year in Europe playing American football. He even tried out for the NFL.

Similar to me, Paul’s side hustle kept pulling at his heart. He passion for fitness truly lied in “developing the inner athlete in all of us,” as Paul says. With this in mind, he developed Get Wright Fitness, which helps define Paul’s training style to all his clients and followers.
Paul describes Get Wright Fitness as, “Dynamic, innovative, and always fresh & fun. It’s deeply rooted in my belief in defying your limits and activating your best through movement. My goal is that you’ll leave here inspired to move faster, be stronger, and push yourself further thank you thought possible.”
Paul takes this message and applies it to all his clients whether they are taking a class with 50 others at Barry’s Bootcamp or heading to a smaller group session at DIAKADI gym. When Paul and I decided to set up a shoot, we agreed on shooting at DIAKADI gym. This gym is a second home for Paul so it only felt right to shoot him there.
Authenticity is always a key when it comes to my photoshoots. The gym was the perfect space for a shoot and I can see why so many individuals love to train there.

Paul took me through some typical favorite workouts of his from jump roping to spinning to climbing huge ropes. In all of his sessions with clients he not only helps people change their bodies, but their minds. His energy is magnetic and motivating. From high fives and smiling through our shoot, you can see why people are lining up to train with Paul.

We work with you to help to GUARANTEE THAT YOU AND YOUR BRAND ATTRACT AND INSPIRE YOUR IDEAL CLIENT. In addition to some fitness shots that are great for Paul’s social media content and branding, we were able to finish the shoot off with some professional headshots. Whether you are an actor, doctor, or fitness trainer everyone needs a professional headshot! These shots actually ended up being Paul and I’s favorite images from the shoot.
If you are looking for more information on Paul please head to his site here:
If you are looking for more information on DIAKADI gym head to their site here:
P.S. Remember that this month, is MARCH MADNESS. We are offering a $300 credit for all fitness shoots booked in the month of March. For more information contact us today!

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