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Transformative Journeys With Alexis Tabacinic

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Meet Alexis Tabacinic. After 15 years in the education field, Alexis decided to work with clients in a new dynamic way. Alexis is a certified life coach. Her goal is to help her clients leave what no longer serves them and step fully into what does!

To say that she is motivating and inspiring is an understatement. Alexis described her work and company to me saying, “I take my clients through a transformative journey that helps them identify what are the key factors that hold them back from having a fulfilled life. Through coaching, I teach strategies and create the necessary accountability process to move my clients forward. I help them rediscover themselves and empower them to apply the teachings and tools in real life.”

Alexis recently was working on her website and was in need for some professional branding images. When she contacted me for the photoshoot, I was more than excited to work together and show her personal brand through the images.

I asked Alexis why she felt it was time to photograph new images for her life coaching. She told me that it was important to capture this moment in time since it was a reflection of her energy. Together at our pre-production meeting, we decided on a location, wardrobe and makeup. During her shoot I was able to direct her into poses to create an end result that would meet all Alexis’ goals and reflect her energy she desired to capture.

One of the most important decisions we made was the location of the shoot. We decided to shoot at Mission Loft in San Francisco. Mission Loft was created and designed by the incredible Michael Grova. The aesthetics and natural materials used in all his spaces bring about a calming and pleasing design to photograph in. With Alexis helping so many individuals discover their own path in life, I wanted the space to reflect her messaging.

The shoot went beyond our expectations and Alexis received the photos telling me, “I went in knowing nothing, expecting nothing, hoping to be able to pick one picture that I liked. I finished wanting a lot of pictures! I guess Elisa worked her magic! I really loved how the pics came out. Amazing self image activity, and Elisa was super cool and easy to work with. She read me well.”

As a photographer, a response like this, is one of the best you can receive. A response coming from a life coach empowers me to always remember I am doing what I am meant to do!

I typically ask my clients when finishing a shoot or speaking with them during their reveal session what their favorite part was. Alexis told me, “It flowed, Elisa helped me and did an amazing job.”

When it comes to being a photographer, part of the job is creating a comfortable environment for all to express themselves.I could not be happier with Alexis’ final images and have been so happy to see she has been utilizing them already on her website!

For more information on Alexis and to see how she used her photos on her website, please visit

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