Vanity Fair Style Photoshoots

Not just for celebrities anymore. I'm here to tell you we can create a Vanity Fair styled Photoshoot just for you. Recently I was inspired after experiencing first hand what it was like to shoot and light in a very artistic style from an assistant of Annie Leibovitz at The Portrait Masters Conference.

With the internet came the democratization of photography, and photoshoots, with wardrobe stylists, hair and makeup artists, once reserved for people we saw on TV, movies and magazines, are a thing of the past. Actually they were always there for the taking, dear consumer market, and photographers as well, except for a select few really gave it any thought. Or if we did it was compartmentalized for bridal and very specific genres. And just never gave ourselves permission to ask for it. Not anymore. Below is just one of many photoshoots I participated in from the conference and I am ready to create a one of a kind photoshoot for you and your family too. Let's get started. For more information I can be reached at 415-775-8944.

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Elisa Cicinelli is a Northern California photographer specializing in portraits of all genres – personal branding, content creation, social media content, headshots, actor headshots, corporate headshots, family portraits, mother daughter portraits, fitness photography, beauty, boudoir, lifestyle photography located in San Francisco but is continually serving happy clients all over California and the United States. Elisa's studio is located in the heart of San Francisco but she often travels to Los Angeles, Napa Valley, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Palo Alto, East Bay, Silicon Valley, Peninsula and the Greater Bay Area for varying creative photography projects. Elisa Cicinelli Photography aims to capture the subject's inner beauty through refreshing their image and making them as comfortable as possible. If you are located in San Francisco or other areas of California, don't hesitate to reach out to book your complimentary consultation with Elisa Cicinelli.