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What Makeup Did You Use?

Welcome to the first installment of “What Makeup Did You Use”? Where I get to ask stylists questions we all want to know, what makeup works best for my skin, for the camera, etc.

This was my first shoot working with Nicole Valledor, hair and makeup artist. I met Nicole working together at BloMeDry, a trendy blow dry bar located on Union Street in San Francisco. I knew she had talent as a makeup artist so I couldn’t wait to work with her on a few shoots. I am sure Nicole was getting a little annoyed with me asking her all these questions while she was trying to work. And well, you guessed it, you never hear the same thing twice.

First, consultation is key! Nothing worse than doing lashes and heavy liner on a guest who wants a natural look for her LinkedIn Profile photo!

My guest today is Karen I, an HR specialist at Apple. Karen has very textured hair and wanted a natural look for her makeup. She never had a professional photoshoot so was a little hesitant about makeup but once we got started, she was posing like a fashion model. At the end of our photo session, Karen agreed that a more glammed up session was next on her bucket list! I can’t wait!

What Makeup Did You Use?


2. BROWS - Custom Palette from MAC. Nicole likes to do brows so shadow doesn’t fall on foundation. Use eyeshadow to fill in brows for a more natural look. Brush brows with a brow brush. Outline brows with foundation.

3. LIDS - Prime with A16 Mac Ocrepaint. Shadow custom palette from Mac.

4. Liner - Use powder for natural look. Apply with liner brush for natural look. Blend with blender brush.

5. FOUNDATION - L´oreal True Match Natural Buff N3 Neutral


7. SETTING POWDER - Skin Finish Natural from MAC

8. MASCARA - Brink

9. LIPLINER - Color Pop

10. LIPSTICK - Velvet Teddy from MAC

11. Nyx Soft Spoken

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