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New Career, New You

Gisela came to California some years ago leaving a full fledged career behind in order for her husband to enter the Silicon Valley work life. Having gotten her own work permit, she decided to update her LinkedIn profile, resume for her job search here in San Francisco. Luckily we met just in time at a networking event where I was able to offer her my services! We started with a new hair color and cut, then a fun wavy blowout. I colored her hair using Aveda Deep Color Line and Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Foundation for a glowing skin tone! Then it was time to step into wardrobe and start shooting in my natural light studio. Gisela had a few must have photos for her professional profile photos but after that we decided to have fun and shoot a few glam shots, beauty and casual looks just because. When I asked when was the last time she had a professional photo taken, sometime in Germany during her college days was her reply!


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