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Personal Branding for Men

A few quick questions to ask yourself, for both men and women.

  1. Are you staying visually relevant?

  2. Does your visual content match your spoken and written word?

  3. Are you representing yourself in the same visual manner as you are in your resume, your profile, your about me page?

Let's face it. In the age of social media and new website technology when we are reduced to a swipe, your photography better be eye catching!

Which leads me to my next question, "So why personal branding and not just a headshot?"

Well, in case you haven't noticed there are quite a few platforms which cross reference each other and there's no getting around it! If an employer is looking at your LinkedIn Profile, I guarantee they are looking at your:

  1. Your social media accounts: Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter

  2. Your website, blog, about me page, contact page

  3. And you may even be requested to submit a photo for a conference or speaking engagement

Are you ready?

That's why you need to consider a personal branding session beyond a headshot. With a personal branding session you are able to cover all the different aspects of yourself and have plenty of content to fill the internet (for say the next 6 months!)

A few looks which I coach my clients on before their photoshoot and before they go shopping:

  1. Corporate - this is a given. Choose to shoot with a tie and without a tie so you have options when updating your profiles.

  2. Corporate casual - maybe a jacket instead of a suit.

  3. Do you have other hobbies or interests? For example: are you a personal trainer on the weekends.

  4. Online Dating - are you new to the dating scene and still using a photo with your mom?! Maybe a look with leather coat and jeans.

  5. A conference or book jacket photo, different from a corporate suit and tie. Maybe more relaxed.

  6. Your launching a new startup and need photos for your about page on location.

The results from a Personal Branding Session for a Web Developer in San Francisco. If you have any questions or would like a free one hour consultation I can be reached at 415-775-8944 or book in my Calendly at

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