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BNI and I

Thursdays are a busy networking day for me. I joined BNI in December and it sure is teaching me about Sales and Marketing. Each week we meet like clockwork on Thursdays at 12:00. We have 30 seconds to pitch our business. If we miss more than 3 without a sub in a 6 month period we're out! I love our Chapter. We have about 25 members and everyone becomes like family, very protective of each other. We all want to see each other succeed.

My buddy Sabri and I. He is amazing. Helped me move into my studio. Installed my flooring for me. Don't you love my classic SF uniform. Walking shoes are mandatory. I must walk 5-8 miles a day!

Our table.

More friends. Jess, my new bookkeeper. And Nicole, soon to be my web consultant.

I love Suzanne. Always positive. Great illustrator. She also owns a cleaning business. Employs about 50 people.

Our meetings are at a private club sponsored by one of our members. The view is the top of Nob Hill. Although on this day as you can see from my photos it is a typical foggy day in The City.

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