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More Frames and Matts

What a day and night! I shot 3 portraits today complete with hair and makeup for one, hair for the other and touchups for the third. Then snuck out for a movie and back at it til midnight to enter The Portrait Masters Accreditation Awards. Whew!

But I wanted to get my post done. 365 days. I'm committed. It's actually liberating to just be able to write about my day and give everyone a window into what life is like for a full time portrait photographer.

In the spirit of getting things done, I finally bought frames and cut out foam core to show you, my dear clients, different enlargement options that go with the various frame sizes. As you can see, an 11x14 doesn't make much of a statement next to a 24x36 or 30x40. Everyone has such beautiful homes these days, why not fill it with love and large family portraits instead of abstract paintings that have no sentimental value.

And not to forget my lovely Graphis Folio Box handmade in Italy custom for my studio standing proudly in the middle there!

Speaking of standing, I am ready to get off my feet and into bed. Goodnight.

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