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2018 Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation

OMG. This wasn't easy. I submitted so many images so I could reach the Associate Level at the Portrait Masters this year for a total of 25 points. I reached 26. Whew!!!

Entries had to be shot within the past two years so it was important to enter images from 2017 or they wouldn't be eligible to enter next year. Which means for 2019 I have to "shoot my butt off" to be able to enter at least 60-70 images to achieve the next Masters Level.

Out of a score of 100, 70-80 was awarded bronze (1/2 point), 80-90 silver ( xxx points), 90-100 gold (xxx points). I thought a few might make silver but I came close with my highest score of 78. Judging was tough this year. A panel of 7 judges, all Master photographers from around the world, so to say I reached bronze level was amazing. I no longer have any self doubt that I am a professional portrait photographer. (Did you hear me scream that loud over the bay!)

Below are the images that received a bronze and their scores:

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