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Family Portraits - The Welker Family

Time truly flies! The first time I met and photographed the Welker family was June 2017. Recently, I had Gisela contact me to set up another shoot, which of course I was excited to do for them! (They are what some would call dream clients.)

Photos with your family and children are invaluable. I would always suggest documenting your children each year professionally. Not only for the memories, but to see how much they have grown. You can see even in the pictures below how much they have grown since our first session in 2017. Gisela understands this value in the art that we are creating of her family.

Sometimes certain family members might not see this investment and value at first. Gisela’s husband was reluctant doing another shoot, but once we had the finished images, he was extremely pleased!

Family portraits are a new form of family heirlooms. Time to create a memory that will last forever for your loved ones!

January 2019

June 2017

Reluctant husband on the phone with the boys in my kitchen 2017.

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