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Taking Fitness Photography To The Next Level

Did you know 70% of people that start a fitness plan quit? Let me tell you, not for these individuals that I recently was able to shoot! For any that know me personally, you know that I am a huge yoga devotee. I believe that taking care of your mind, body, and spirit are all parts of self-love. So whenever I do have the opportunity to shoot another fitness lover, it is an extremely rewarding (and fun) experience. I recently was able to shoot local San Francisco fitness professionals: trainer Paul Wright, fitness blogger Berniedette, and fitness influencer Allison Tibbs.

When someone thinks of a fitness photoshoot, they do not always realize the planning that goes into each one. There are all different types of fitness experts ranging from athletes, to trainers, to fitness Instagram influencers. Each of their needs are very unique. It is important to highlight these differences during our shoot together.

My first step, in defining a shoot with a fitness expert, is to find out where their expertise lies. This will help us decide on location, styling, props, and more. For instance, when I plan out a shoot for a fellow yoga lover, it will be a very different shoot than those I do for someone who might be a body builder.

We then together discuss what a typical routine looks like for them. This is part of the authenticity of the shoot. We want to show their clients, followers, etc. what being fit means for them. Their energy needs to exude through the final images.

Once we have defined their expertise and what types of workouts need to be highlighted, we can decide together on items such as location, styling, props, and more. For example: for some a typical location might be a local gym or studio while for others we might head to a local hiking trail or track.

While actually executing the shoot, I make sure that all of the above elements are in place, and then that we are able to take multiple shots that show actual movement. For fitness experts setting up a shoot, we might take some headshot images, but many times these individuals want images that show their audiences what they actually do. Making sure to get these perfect movement shots can be challenging, but it is something that I have learned how to achieve for my clients.

The most important part of fitness shoots is that we of course have fun! Fitness is something that is not just for your body, it is about bettering yourself and learning how to love yourself. I always leave shoots ready to hit the gym or head to another yoga class!

It is March, which in basketball means March Madness. You could say it is a bit of madness around this time of year at the studio as well! For these reasons, we have decided to run a fun promotion for all our fitness lovers out there. If you are looking for any type of fitness related shoot, we are currently offering a $300 credit to use towards your shoot! Stay tuned for more blog posts highlighting each of my recent fitness shoots! Contact us today for more information. 415-775-8944

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