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Capture Graduation In A Different Way

We capture many milestones in our lives with professional photography: pregnancy announcements, engagements, our wedding day and much more. So why is that when our children are graduating from high school or college we do not always do the same?

One of the biggest accomplishments in our children’s lives will be completing their degree. Graduation photoshoots are the perfect way to encapsulate that precious moment. Not only will it be something that as a parent you cherish, but it will also be an heirloom for your graduate to be proud of!

Many times the typical cap and gown images taken on an iPhones or by school photographers are not the quality or overall theme that is desired. Graduation is signifying who your child is in that moment. It is symbolizing how much they have grown and accomplished over the past few years. A senior portrait photoshoot can help express the moment in a much more unique, personalized way.

While planning out our senior portrait photoshoots at Elisa Cicinelli Photography, we keep in mind the personality, goals and style of the soon to be graduate. In such a digital age, photography has become more than ever, our heirlooms to look back on. We first sit down with the graduate and their parent to discuss all of the above. We then work on deciding the type of shots and locations that we would like to use. From indoor studio portrait shots to outdoor location shoots we can do it all.

At Elisa Cicinelli Photography, we also will be able to assist when needed with hair, make up and styling needs. From half day to full day shoots, there are services that can be provided to any graduates needs.

Another idea that many families choose to go with is having the parent, best friends, sibling, etc. jump in for some shots. You are one of the major reasons why your child was able to accomplish all they did. Showing the pride you have for them will exude from the final images.

Whatever your needs and desires are to capture this time of your child’s life, we will work hard to ensure the best results.

We also have an amazing referral program for our seniors! Make sure to ask us about it when contacting the studio. Remember that time is of the essence and our space for this season is limited. Contact us today for more information! 415-775-8944

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