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Capturing The Love Of Motherhood

As Gail Tsukiyama once said, “Mothers and their children are in a category all their own. There’s no bond so strong in the entire world. No love so instantaneous and forgiving.”

Shooting families, specifically mothers and their children, I get to witness this bond from behind my lens. The energy between children and their mothers in all walks of life is never short of beautiful.

Daniella is a mother from the San Francisco Bay Area and I recently was able to set up a shoot with her and her adorable, one and half year old son. We gave Daniella the full glamour treatment from hair, make up and styling! Mothers deserve all the reward in the world so I was more than happy to treat this mom to a full day of pampering and photoshoot fun.

After the shoot, I was able to ask Daniella a few questions about her experience. I first wanted to get Daniella’s perspective on taking photos with her son and what led her to schedule the shoot.

Daniella told me,“I'm often the family paparazzi. I have way more photos of my son and his daddy because I'm always snapping the pics. Moms always appreciate getting photos with their babies—it's always a special moment in their lives.”

I find what Daniella told me to be so true for many parents, specifically mothers. Taking pictures with your children through all ages is invaluable and something that I would urge everyone to make time for at all stages of their children’s life. As a mother, make sure that you make time to add this value to your life.

Daniella did not have a vision for the shoot so I was able to have full creative control, which is always fun for me as a photographer! Daniella told me after the shoot, “Elisa helped give a sense of what wardrobe she was thinking of etc. She sent Pinterest boards for inspiration which I found very helpful.”

Mothers already have to plan and handle most of the day to day for their families. During your photoshoot with us, we will pamper you and make sure that all the planning, styling and work is left to us so all you have to do is relax!

Daniella told me after the shoot that the final results “…are a sweet moment in time and I'll cherish them forever.”

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we want to treat all mothers out there! We are currently offering now through Mother’s Day, May 12th, a $300 gift voucher towards a photo collection!

Contact us today so we can create a family heirloom for you to cherish forever! 415-775-8944

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