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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

When someone leaves your photoshoot saying they would, “absolutely recommend that others work with Elisa to capture their precious and important moments in life”, you know you are doing something right!

As many of you know, no matter what type of photoshoot I am working on, my goal is to always capture a moment in time. Nina pictured here, and being the woman behind the statement above, is an incredible woman and mother. She recently contacted me to set up a Senior Portrait Photoshoot for her daughter Abigail.

While asking Nina about her goals for the shoot and their vision she told me, “I wanted senior class photos for my daughter that went beyond the traditional photo shoots and the Elisa's photo gallery really captures the uniqueness of each person.”

After hearing this, I knew that Nina needed to take part in this photoshoot in a bigger way. I spoke to her about also getting some shots of her as an individual and some images of her with her daughter Abigail. It is not just the attire, location, etc. that leads to a unique shoot. Those are not the only elements that define a person. It is the people around an individual that truly help show who they are.

Nina had also mentioned to me that senior class photos are, “important to memorialize and celebrate this special time in your child's life.” Photoshoots especially with your children are a celebration themselves! At the studio, we are all about not only getting the perfect shot, but also making it a fun process for all involved.

All too often parents, especially mothers, end up being behind the camera instead of in front of the lenses with their children. Make sure your children have images to look back on with you in them. You are a part of these amazing moments in their lives and therefore need to be a part of the images!

After the final images were delivered to Nina and Abigail, I asked them about their experience. Nina let me know that her expectations were “definitely met at the photoshoot” and that she “loved experiencing the process with her daughter.”

Make sure that you also have the opportunity to make these memories with your children.

We want to help make this happen for more parents. At the studio, we are currently offering a $300 credit to all photoshoots centered on motherhood, booked by June 30, 2019. If you are a mother yourself, you can receive this credit OR if you are a partner, child, friend, etc. that wants to give this gift to another mama you will receive this deal!

Contact us today for more information and to set up your photoshoot today!

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