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Family Portraits

Often my Personal Branding clients ask me if I photograph family portraits. Of course I do. I started as a wedding photographer for 20 years and photographed hundreds of families on location at each wedding. It is such a luxury to have the opportunity to focus on one family during a session. I treat every family session the same as I do a branding session. The pre production planning is so important to make a portrait session go smoothly. Here is a quick checklist to give you an idea of what to think about for your family portrait.

1. Where would I like to display my images in my home? This is where I often ask for a home tour to see the interior design. Do I want to display photos in the kids room, create a collage in the family room, frame prints for the office?

2. Where would I like to have the portraits taken? Is there a favorite park the family enjoys together? A garden or landscape behind the home? An activity the family enjoys together? Horseback riding perhaps? A lake home?

3. What should we wear? Is there a theme? A color palette to match the location or activity?

Using my experience as an art director, I am happy to guide you every step of the way.

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