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Turning the camera on me for a change!

The time has come to slowly turn the camera on me and all my contortions, faces, body language, dance moves when I shoot. It really is hilarious. I've been asked if I was a dancer. Must be all that yoga. Sorry no video. (I'm working on it. Then you can hear all my bossy posing direction like, "don't move" and "hold that" or "don't even think". )

Had to make sure there was room for everyone to walk around and get their coffee.

Here we go with the dance moves.

Making do because I forgot my reflector. We looked for a white cardboard and found it in a box lid. A good photographer is always thinking on their feet.

A little eyebrow grooming. There's nothing worse than retouching eyebrows!

A different point of view for you.

What a great group of people. I felt so welcomed and they really let relaxed in front of the camera and capture that on camera.

Here are the results.Client: Gray Bowen Scott (website still under construction and we have another shoot scheduled to create more lifestyle/candids of everyone on the job.)

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